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Dear Aniseed,

Hope you're well. We did miss not having you around at harvest - let's face it, you're more suited to that work than I am. It is a sad truth that you may be a fancy-pants healer who can raise the dead and do all sorts of religious stuff, but at home your biggest asset is that you have strong arms.

Dad threw the last sickle at the necking, so everyone else owes him a favour or a drink by the end of the year. He's looking forward to cashing them in.

Mum and Dad invited me home because a circus was coming to Langbaurgh on Monday. They'd set up at the weekend just south of the village, but then a patrol came along and killed them all. We've got a couple of questions for you, Oh Experienced One.

1) Should we be worried? Or do things like this really just randomly happen?
2) The poster said they had a tiger tamer. We're keeping the sheep and cows penned in for the next few days (and trying to keep the chickens in the barn), but if a tiger eats the livestock, who does Mum write to for compensation?
3) The Defenders or whatever will take care of removing the tents and dealing with the bodies, right? Will they get buried in our village? I can' imagine Grandma being happy at having a grave next to a circus freak.

Mum and Dad send their love and say keep it up with the charity work.


GMs: If anything I've written needs changing to be in line with your lore/plot/history/anything, just let me know :)
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Wow! Another amazing game - and an intensely powerful, and I think overall positive, experience for Aniseed. Thank you to everyone.

Below is Aniseed's prayer from the first game. There is a big fat trigger warning on it: it has graphic descriptions of violence and gore, very dark themes, self-harm and attempted suicide.

Thank you, Hannah, for coming up with this. She unknowingly hit trigger points for Aniseed again and again, as there's a lot of stuff I've written for her but which hasn't been worth sharing.

Aniseed's prayer )
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Dan has also done a fantastic recolouring of this.
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In the chapel, praying through the night. )
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Friday Afternoon, IRS Common Room )
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Aniseed: While Dead And Dying )
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Things Aniseed Has Killed )
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Warden Aniseed T. Teasel, Instant Response Service, 49th Griffinwold Company )
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One of the many, many prayers Aniseed murmurs quietly as she spends much of the week in the chapel.

Please tell me I did the right thing. )
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Aniseed's internal report ... )
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Settling in at Wing Keep )
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A letter addressed to:

Jonn Teasel
3 Mason Lane
Merchant Quarter
Carlin Howham

Dear Jonn ... )
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Aniseed's report would have been given straight to IRS command, not posted anywhere publicly, so please keep your knowledge of this post OOC :) Also, LJ icon will change when I have a picture of Aniseed :P

Report: IRS 1 (Warden A. Teasel) )
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