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Take your characters back to rank 5.

What would they do if they were thrown into the Hunger Games?

How long do you think they'd survive? What would their tactics be? How would they get sponsors? Which of their skills would be most useful in the arena?

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Oooooo! Good Meme!

At Rank 5...

Adiuvo would be the lone psychotic. He'd die in the initial rush on the cornucopia, but not without killing a couple of others.

Calum would make it to the last six - he knows survival skills, combat skills, is capable and calm and considered, he'd show off for the cameras, make flashy kills when the opportunity allowed, but in the end would trust someone he shouldn't and would get stabbed in the back. I can see him in Thresh's role.

Lomax would be hunted down by the professional pack mid games, though he'd kill one of them having tried to bargain his way out of it and then attacked first expecting betrayal. Probably best he dies then as he'd never get sponsors.

Tybalt would win. He'd laugh and make jokes for the cameras, charm and bloodlust in equal measure, use any resource to hand and would know exactly the moment to unhesitatingly kill his ally. He scouts silently through woodland, hunts with skill, heals and knows weapons. He'd be leading the professional pack. Yeah, he'd win.

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Gerrard would be jumped on early in the initial rush for the Cornucopia, as he tried to pick up a couple of people he knew and trusted and tried to get them out of the bloodbath to safety. The other tributes saw him kicking ass in training, but his fatal mistake was telling the careers where to jump off when they made him an offer. If he's not with them, he's against them, and they banded together and made sure he was one of the first to go down. Pity, as if he lived, he might have taken that small group all the way through to the final few.

Starke would spend all of his time trying to prove how wrong the entire thing was. In the skill showing he would demonstrate his speed and agility, and that would get him a decent score - not enough to be a threat, but not enough to work with either. He'd be lacking on public interest, and would have made a hash in his interview as he tried to wax lyrical about how the games were wrong. Garbled, and silly sounding. When the horn goes his speed sees him through the bloodbath and out into the trees with some food and a weapon, but it's never enough. His challenge doesn't get off the ground, as he frets before killing and spends his time fighting the environment rather than the other tributes. Not really popular enough to form an alliance, he fails to notice a trap that takes his leg off at the knee while trying to find a way to stalk the careers. He bleeds to death marginally before they reach him to finish him off.

Thyrian would do surprisingly well. Smooth and charismatic, he accepts his fate and decides he's going to make himself the popular choice. His skill showing demonstrates proficiency with stave and extreme fitness, and that's enough to get him a good score. In the interview, his charm and winning personality is enough even to have Ceasar eating out of his hand. The crowd loves him. When the horn sounds, he's popular enough with a sizable group of misfits that they band together and take out three of the four careers in the bloodbath, losing only one of their number. As time progresses, and tributes dwindle, however, charm and personality become less useful, and his fighting skills are called on more and more to protect the group he's with. Ever the showman, and determined not to die in vain, he buys the last two tributes safety by trading his life for the remaining career, making sure that the cameras saw it all.

Watcher would be a failure from the start. In the skill showing, he sits cross legged on the floor, watching his observers with a half-smile about his lips, and scoring one of the lowest scores in games history. In the interview, he manages to disturb more that just Caesar by sitting, silently, starting at him with an unblinking expression and same half smile, for the duration of the entire interview. He's unpopular with sponsors, the public, and even his fellow tributes. In training, he shuns everyone, dropping below everyone's radar and not evincing a single useful skill.

Then the horn sounds.

As the others rush the Cornucopia, he turns on his heel and walks, not runs, into the trees. From that moment on, he is a one man wrecking crew.

He kills with his hands. He kills with his teeth. He kills with nooses and snares, and with rocks and sticks. Everything in the arena is a weapon. Everyone in the arena never saw him coming. He doesn't care who is next - he watches, he waits, he strikes. It's ten tributes. Then six. Then three. He's killed ten of them by himself. Sponsors and the public alike are fascinated and appalled. The second last one to die gets her shinbone replaced with a mouldy stick before she is allowed to bleed out, her screams drawing out the final tribute, precisely where he wanted him to be. Drawing him into the Cornucopia, he gets the drop on his opponent, and as the knife comes to rest against the poor bastard's throat, he becomes the recipient of the only words Watcher has spoken since being reaped. Too bad they're too quiet to be heard over his victim's choking gag. Of the twenty-three to die, he has personally seen to twelve of them.

But that isn't enough.

As the world watches, horrified, he flips the camera the bird, sticks the same knife to his own throat and makes it thirteen. That night, the revolution begins.
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I don't have any winners yet - they've all got a big flaw that gets in their way.


When the countdown ends and the gong goes off, Thalassa is still looking all around her, trying to work out the best direction to run. She escapes the Cornucopia through luck rather than skill, fleeing until she is too exhausted to go further.

She gains a couple of elderly sponsors when instead of killing a lone tribute she bumps into, she Commands them to flee. This is enough to get her a canteen of water, but she's still without food or weapons. Within a couple of days, she's lonely, scared, dehydrated and hungry. She clings on through willpower alone.

She runs into a pair of out-district tributes who've formed an alliance, and for a few minutes it looks like she might actually join them - she's quick to blag her skills into something that sounds useful. They're considering her, when one of them makes an aggressive move. She starts to argue that that's not how allies behave. Realising she's more trouble than she's worth, they run her through and move on.


Corin is streaking away from the Cornucopia as soon as the gong sounds. She improvises weapons, avoids every other tribute, hunts and traps to keep herself alive, and loots a knife from a body she comes across just before the hovercraft takes it away.

Five days in, she still hasn't seen another living person. The Gamemakers don't like her strategy for waiting out the Games, so they send a variety of mutts after her. She avoids them, the chase piquing Capitol interest for an afternoon, until she's hemmed in by a forest fire and dies from smoke inhalation.


Aniseed formed a loose alliance with a handful of other tributes during training, and races through the fringes of the Cornucopia to grab a sword, then rejoins her allies a safe distance away from the bloodbath. They're all rather cut up, but she can heal them, and that cements their alliance.

The next few days are oddly cheerful. They've enough skills between them to stay alive, and Aniseed flirts with one of the boys, distracting herself from their imminent death. They share stories about home. Then the Careers attack.

Aniseed kills her first tribute, and the Careers beat a strategic retreat after sustaining some nasty injuries. However, only two of Aniseed's allies have survived. She wastes power trying to save one of her allies, then yells at the sky when she fails. This means that her attempt to save her ally isn't screened and the Capitol just sees that the healer girl has turned killer. They aren't shown her being counselled by one of her remaining allies that she had to do what she did.

The remnants of the alliance limp away, but they've lost the people who got them food. With more interesting stuff going on elsewhere, they have another day and a half - but now they're weak, and tensions are high as Aniseed starts rationing the Life healing that's a poor substitute for actual food. They silently agree to split up.

While wandering alone, she hears a scream. Moving slowly to go look, she finds a young tribute dying from a wound to the gut. She watches for a few moments, then walks on.

Stumbling into a makeshift shelter, Aniseed disturbs a tribute who's not all there after nearly a week of death and hunger. They get into a fight, and Aniseed's arm is broken. She just manages to kill her opponent, and shove the body aside, but with a broken arm she's lost her one advantage, and can no longer heal herself. She seems indifferent to the death she's caused.

When the remaining Careers find her, they don't need to hurry. They stand around laughing and playing with her sword as she dies.

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Let see:

Smyrna would be from 1 or 2, She'd spend her whole life training for the Hunger Games in a female only environment then volunteer when she was told she was ready. She'd get all the usual scores that careers normally get and once inside would spend her time brutally slaying all of the men one after another. She'd get stuck at that point though. She'd probably pick the other female career as her equal and have an epic fight to the death battle with her - probably losing. Where she would come would ultimately depend how many of the girls were killed by the other tributes.

Glamoria would volunteer on the behalf of someone she didn't think would make it in the games and score high points in everything, gain a good amount of sponsors and be pretty good on Caesar's Show and maybe even become a favourite.

Then she'd go and waste it all at the Cornucopia. She'd see all the weaker and younger people failing to escape and would step in making sure the careers and 'nasty' fighters focused on her until she inevitably dies by them.

Malliya would be interesting. Knowing she has no advantage in fighting she would escape into the nearby woods and wait the whole thing out - only killing if someone got too close. She'd wait until the end then attempt to pick off the last tribute. Winning or not depending on how good that person was.

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I wrote my oolong thing before I realised that its pretty much the same as your Glamoria piece. Thus: friend-fanfic.

"It beeseemeth me that thou art a passing good warriour", bellowed the crazy elf, striding towards Glamoria.
"Moreover, it is greatly to thy worship that thou should claim this melee for thyself, and so ease the passage of those that run foot-hot from worshipful combat." He turns his back to her.
"Therefore, I beg thee that thou shalt be enfellowship with me against these few that remain, and morover, that thou shalt deal with me in honourable combat when we have the victory; For wit thee, it shall be greatly to my worship to have ado with so hardy a warrior as thee."

Date: 2014-04-04 12:00 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Oh that's awesome. Almost makes me want to switch to 'Moria for the 24h xD

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Hrm, thinking, thinking.

Pro would make it past the first week, but not by much. She'd be eager for the challenge and for death, but too antisocial, too straight up and down, to gain allies - she's there to kill, afterall. Her first year taught her how to smile, how to laugh, how to joke and lie and spot untruths and have friends and be friends and without it, she's nothing but a good little soldier, marching to her doom. Aware enough of her combat skills - or lack thereof - she flees the cornucopia, but doesn't go far, instead stalking and slitting the throats of anyone she can catch unawares and on their own, taking their equipment. She can heal and hunt and scout and sneak, and her self sufficiency and competence earns her some early sponsors that drop her just as fast for her lack of showmanship, the total absence of panache. She dies after coming up against a career pack that have enough sense to surround her, leaving her defenseless and puny.

Tempest lasts less than a day - too proud, too sheltered in a way, to engage in any subterfuge, she doesn't hide her abilities or skills or upbringing, which in that rules iteration were extreme and powerful. She scores top out of everyone in training, and her chariot appearence is heralded by her own conjured thunder and lightening, making everyone else look wet and pathetic while she just looks incredible. Her facade of sneering disdain in the interviews on top of it all has her as a shoe in to win, and sponsors falling over themselves to get in on the action, but it all makes her far too obvious a target, and results in one of the largest alliances in history between the other tributes to bring her down almost as soon as they step off the pressure pads. Almost predictably, the final blow is delivered by another woman.

Tahalin also dies almost as soon as she steps off the pressure pad, mainly because she refuses to do a damn thing but stand there giving a finger to the sky, her sense of moral outrage overriding all survival considerations, until another tribute almost helpfully takes her out with a nonchalently thrown knife to the throat.

Yara lives a surprisingly long time, given she spends most of the games crying with terror. She's too useful not to allow to live, forcibly adopted by the career pack as a walking, sobbing source of buffs and healing, and makes it to the final 4 when she's killed in a business like fashion before the 3 finalists get on with duking it out.

Jenny is also adopted by the career pack as a unthreatening source of buffs; she seems a comedic figure, dragging an over large sword almost too heavy for her to lift, crying intermittently, her earth magic useful but totally unable to even say boo to a goose. No sponsors, the tributes and audience alike spend most of the time laughing at her. She scores a 2 in training. She also wins when, with only 5 careeers or so left, a stray spell catches her unawares and triggers her need to kill. 30 calm seconds later, everyone else's buffs drop, her own items activate, and she, shrieking with unabashed fury carves her way through everyone else before they can do anything. It wears off in the victory hovercraft on the way home, and she commits suicide before anyone can stop her. Because, once again, no one thought to remove the damned sword.

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Awesome Idea!

Wildmane: Has some useful skills the don't rely on winning big at the cornucopia. However, his over-confidence, inability to group and sense of justice would almost certainly see him taking on a group he can't handle, probably careers, but it could be anything. If they use wild animals as "crowd control" then he could do much better.

Smithy: Far too nice, not enough combat or survival skills (rank 5 smithy gives him make metal armour and axe prof). If he got to know some tributes pre-game he would form a B-group of non-careers as he gets on well with others. From here things could go well for them, the group dynamics along with how much he would truely care about his new allies would probably earn them sponsors. However he would still try to avoid combat as much as possible and when it came down to one group against the other the careers would have the upper hand. He'd would then die, in vain, protecting his allies.

Failhbe: Again he's got some know-how to survive on his and he's much more heartless towards doing what needs to be done that the previous two. However, his lack of combat skills and inability to play well with others would probably see him killed off mid-game by any group after surviving for a bit and killing off individuals that he runs into.

Piglet: This could be interesting... He's not fast on his feet but heck can he swing a weapon and is tough as nails to go with that. He'd either get mullered in the initial blood-bath or would end up like Thresh - unwilling to form alliances, too down to earth to attract sponsors and, in Piglet's case, too stupid to use traps and trickery to further his goals. He's probably survive to the final few, but in a fight with more than one career tribute his lack of speed and dexterity would see them slowly bring him down.

Tirithon: Another character who could go far. He has the survival and combat skills and he doesn't rely on getting lots of goodies to do well. However, he's not mentally or emotionally strong enough to cope with a situation like this. When forced to kill he would, but each death would eat away at him until he finally snapped. At that point he's be pretty much looking for someone to kill him in the bloodiest way possible, he'd head straight for the careers and probably take a couple of them down with him.
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Pre-games, oolong would drive the audiance nuts. The Capital loves to talk about the honour and glory of the games; oolong would beleive it, and they love and hate him for it. The districts would just hate him for it. In his interview he'd use the word "worship" on 17 occasions. Caesar is of course unmoved by talking to madmen, and keeps the interview on track

During training, he challanges the rest of the tributes as often as possible, holds nothing back, and praises them when they beat him, which is frequently, although each challange takes a very long time. When one of the careers "accidently" breaks his arm, he's understanding and praises the strength and skill involved in so doing. He gains a cult following of supporters in both Capital and the districts, who are unsure about how ironic they are, and feel guilty for their irony and their sincerity respectively.

He dies in the rush to the cornucopia, although I can dream that "rush" would become "ten-minute pontificating opportunity" before he finally gets beaten into the ground.
[Level 5 oolong had old-school armoured dexterity]

I honestly can't see Biscuit living long enough to get to the games- that socity would kill them pretty quickly.
Having got there, I can see them saluteing the districts and stepping on the mines before the countdown finishes.
Having survived the start propper, Biccy runs for the arena walls, and if miracle and cunning and lies can't get through them, batters themselves to death on them.
(If anyone catches up with biccy at this point.. well, destroy is crazy powerful at level 5, and quartercost skills arn't to be sneezed at either)
Imprisonment is a terrible thing if you're a Biscuit.
[Level 5 Biscuit had Freedom 4, and back then, armour just worked]

Date: 2014-04-05 01:51 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Chanilsa would have, in all likelihood, volunteered for someone younger than herself. She would have hated everything about the games, and would have been just savvy enough to not let it show, whilst still being naive enough to think things could be changed somehow. She'd hate upsetting her mother, but ould know that she understood why she'd done it.

At rank 5, Chan could use a sword, heal her life force, destroy, and judge wounds and power levels (I believe). But the thing that would really stand out in training would be her love of knowledge. She would forget all about the grim reality of the situation and throw herself into learning everything she could at the various lore stations. That would be enough to earn her a solid 6 or 7, and her genuine passion when she recounts all of the things she has learnt might even earn her some sponsors from her interview.

It wouldn't be enough in the games though. She wouldn't stick around for the bloodbath, but I can't see her lasting more than a day or so - she was too trusting, and too nice, to last in that situation. The only thing that would drive her to fight back would be if she made friends and saw them get hurt. She'd almost certainly end up being tricked by another tribute.

Tully, at that rank, had no real loyalty but clan. That would have meant getting out alive, and playing the system to do so.

Tully had her ability to get feelings from animals, her claws, strength, the ability to recognise animals and smells, she could tell what things were... and she had a life time of being a gypsy to allow her to play nice with those she didn't like. She'd get through the training without making any enemies, would hopefully impress the judges enough to get... maybe a 7 or 8, maybe more. She'd play of Caeser in the interviews, and I imagine would have a couple of sponsors who would be willing to see how far she could get.

The games themselves would depend on the arena. If she had a wooded area... well, I'd put her in the final 8. She could survive off the land, wouldn't need to get involved in the bloodbath to get hold of weapons, and would have no hesitation in fighting and killing. Tully, in her time, has proven the capacity to be viscious. This would bring it out of her.
If she managed to make friends in the training, she'd look out for them, and that would be something that would, ironically, make a loss more likely for her. She'd give her life to protect one of her own, and would see them win over her. If she lost someone she cared about, she'd likely 'turn feral' and hunt down those responsible.

Barel. She would have come to the games in a state of serene acceptance, a masked, hooded, silent girl.

She could dart, blade, and rust at range. I think she'd have been seen as a dark horse throughout the lead up to the games; not talking much, displaying her skills in her individual session with a cool precision and answering the questions in her interview succinctly and plainly. If they took away her mask, and healed her scars, the calmness would turn to blankness. An absense of any emotion or personality.

Because at that rank, Barel honestly believed deep down that she didn't really deserve to be alive and being selected for the games would have been proof of that to her. She held onto her scars as a badge of shame, believing she deserved them for what she had caused.
I can see her there when the buzzer goes off burning through her mana to rust as many weapons as she could before being taken down. Not for her sake, but out of a sense of following her oath to herself; not standing by and letting others die if she could prevent it, and not causing death herself.
It wouldn't have been pretty.


Date: 2014-04-05 01:52 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
...because I wrote too much.

Bunny would, in all likelihood, would not have found herself in there. If she wasn't out and out capital to begin with, then one of her family would have likely volunteered in her place. As a Life priestess in a powerful Might aligned family, there would have been someone with a better chance of survival who would have stepped up.

Assuming there wasn't... well, as I said before, she was a Life Priestess. Non-templar, granted, but a follower of Joy, and without a cruel bone in her body. If she somehow had to go through with it, she'd have spent her time attempting to make the other tributes feel better about the situation. She'd have a very low score from her showing - 2, maybe 3 - and whilst charming in her interview, there would be nothing there to inspire any sponsors.

I'm honestly not sure if Bunny would step off the plate before the count down was up. On the one hand, it's doing things on her terms - something she is very fond of - and might distract the careers long enough to save some of the others. On the other hand, she could use a staff, and I can see her attempting to defend some of the younger/nicer tributes as they made their escapes. One things for sure, I cannot see her leaving the bloodbath. Not without divine intervention.

Tahee and Drift were not played enough to answer this properly.

And Jane Doe - that's anyone's guess.

(The above, especially my confidence in Tully, is based on the character being independant from me. I couldn't survive the hunger games, and my abilities would be a cap on the characters chances.)

Date: 2014-04-09 12:25 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I like to think Jane Doe went through the first part with everyone thinking she was quiet, reserved and sweet.

And then as soon as she entered the arena people would know the errors of their judgement and witness all the horrors of her instant bloodbath xD

Date: 2014-04-09 12:48 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Kinda like Johanna?

Date: 2014-04-10 10:40 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
This has taken a lot longer to write than planned but, to be fair, I am also writing a 24 hour.

Am interested to see how many people's characters would try to take the moral highground and refuse to take part. I'm clearly too disillusioned to gen such noble characters :P

To be fair, Liesl would wait quietly on the pedestal to be killed, accepting death rather than breaking the laws of Vkandis. Which would probably come as a surprise to the viewing public since she would quietly have gone along with training fights. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and all that (which, I accept, is an ironic quote in this context).

Onwards. So many characters... Going to have to break this up a bit.

Liana, Ana and Lexi have no chance of winning.

Going on her original rank 5 stats, not accounting for changes in armour rules, Liana scores quite well in training, with the combination of basic coombat skills and healing ability. Liana's status as a widowed mother of two would likely serve well to make her seem sympathetic and appeal to sponsors. It also gives her something to live for but she doesn't quite have the killer instinct. She ends up in an alliance of the younger, more vulnerable Tributes and, working together, they manage to survive for some days but are gradually worn down, killed one by one. Ultimately, Liana would end up sacrificing herself to allow "her people" to survive.

I started writing Ana but then had to rethink - I'm not sure even her boundless optimism would last confronted with the reality of the Hunger Games. She probably does reasonably well in training - she's a capable scout, proficient with bow and sword. However, as the start of the Games gets closer she becomes more erratic, alternating the increasingly fake chatter with long periods of introspection but seems useful enough to be drawn into a small alliance. She nearly breaks down when Flickerman is sympathetic but is likeable enough to appeal to sponsors. Unfortunately, once they get into the Arena, the reality sinks in and the facade of optimism finally breaks. She hangs on, she doesn't want to die, but ultimately she doesn't want to kill anyone else. Her supposed allies are reluctant to kill her themselves as she is helping out with getting food but when the environment turns against them, they have no qualms about leaving her to die.

Lexi's abilities with Weakness see her scoring reasonably well but it is evident she doesn't have the stomach for killing and she receives no offers to join any alliances. She makes it out of the Cornucopia and has enough wilderness knowledge to survive for the first few days alone but her reluctance to kill her enemies, preferring to weakness them and flee, wins her no sponsors and she ends up dying alone to a root or berry which wasn't as edible as she'd believed.

Alara and Blayz would be in with a chance, but not end up winning.

Alara's Reaping starts with controversy as the Capitol's gender categories don't match the District's cultural understanding. Xir obvious combat skills score her fairly highly and the promise of the Rage helps too. I can't imagine Alara in a Hunger Games scenario without another barbarian as xir District partner, so they form a pair and casually discuss how they will fight to the death, if it comes down to it. In the Arena, they are a deadly pair, knowing how to cover each other's backs. They don't risk taking on the Careers straight out but do get away from the Cornucopia with the essentials. They last a few days, succeeding especially well when mages provoke Alara's rage but ultimately they have to face the Pack. They don't survive it.

(to be continued).

Date: 2014-04-10 10:46 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile]
Blayz has a lot of promise and would let herself by seen as a dumb half-orc through training, pulling out her magic only in the final assessment to get a decent score. She is surprisingly eloquent on camera and it seems like she has a good chance. She is willing to join in with a small group of other Tributes, agreeing they will work together to see what they can get from the Cornucopia but split up after that. She isn't surprised when one of them turns on the rest once they're clear and her defence on the others makes her de facto leader of their group. She tries her best but is out of her depth and doesn't do well at making decisions on the fly so they soon go their separate ways. Alone, Blayz falls for a trap and bleeds to death.

Belladonna is clearly a career Tribute, more likely a Two than a One (she's not that kind of girl). She understands combat, is tough and has a few useful miracles. She doesn't need to make alliances - the Career Pack is a sure thing - and she performs well on camera telling Flickerman about Brilliance and how she hungers for glory and fame. She has no qualms about killing, having done so before in training, and works to guide the direction of the Pack, without actually trying to take charge and risking conflict among the Careers. Unfortunately her impulsiveness and desire for personal glory see her killed in glorious battle taking out the last couple of the outsiders with the two surviving Careers left to fight it out.

Hel and Winterlight are my two real contenders.

Winterlight has a lot of survival skills and knows how to use her knife. She saves her magical skills for the final test and places very highly. At the Cornucopia she is in and out to get only the tools she need, but she is prepared to kill, or at least maim, in the process. She keeps to herself but doesn't avoid the main action, taking out other loners with traps or magic and then, when cornered in an ambush, killing one and injuring the other attacker with her blade. Unfortunately she is wounded in the exchange and her limited sponsors only send minimal first aid supplies but it's enough to keep her able to cast. She has made in to the last few but the Career Pack remain and they're dangerous. The Gamesmakers force her out into a confrontation with them and, without the advantage of stealth, it's a foregone conclusion. She does manages to take one out with darts, then injure the others in melee combat but she is outnumbered and overpowered.

The nature of the Games brings out all of Hel's worst qualities. She does well in training as she is quick, dextrous, stealthy and skilled with two swords. While not being a career, she clearly has potential and makes it clear she would be useful to get herself adopted into their group. She scores reasonably well on the final assessment and is appropriately charming when interview. it's inside that she reveals her last two skills - absolute disregard for anyone else's life and the ability to lie so convincingly - "I didn't see the trap", "she fell", "he couldn't keep up", "they were just behind me" - that her allies believe her and even the Capitol audience doubt the version of events they saw televised. She gladly kills the other Tributes along with the Pack, while slowly weakening them from the inside while making herself indispensible (and teasing them with the implied offer of sexual favours). When there are only three of the Pack left, she coolly kills two of them in their sleep. Unfortunately, without throatslit, the struggle must she is unable to finish the last cleanly but she has thought ahead and removed their weapons. She toys with him, making him think he has a chance, while slowly wounding him then leaving him to bleed out and heads off after the last couple of outliers. One of them she tricks, telling them she has only narrowly escaped the Pack and pretending to be injured, before killing him. The last two she plays off against each other before killing the winner.

Date: 2014-04-11 06:52 am (UTC)From: [identity profile]
I've been looking forward to reading these - thank you!


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