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Aniseed stands in front of the noticeboard, looking at her forlorn little message. Not a single taker yet, and she doubts she'll get four in the next few hours.

Yule without her family, then.

It's disappointing, but Aniseed isn't the type to mope. Instead, she remembers that this will be Eirlys' first away from home as well (and the first in two hundred has to be worse than the first in twenty-one), and that if she decides she's that lonely, she has an invitation to Perch and the chance to meet a man who raised a foundling half-orc as his deeply beloved daughter.

Right. Today and tomorrow are days off: it's time to bring the Yuletide to Wing Keep. She knows where to find holly now - more boughs of it, and she'll put some in the common room too. Keep a decent fire going in her room, and smouldering charcoal overnight, so she and Glamoria don't wake up shivering. Rope as many people as she can into sending their wishes up the chimney to the Yuletide Fae ...

First, though, she has a letter to write.

Dear Mum, Dad and Jonn,

I'm afraid I won't be making it home for Yule - the travel one way would take up all my leave, and no one is taking FRAN down there so I can't hitch a lift. You'll have to do without me - and don't worry about a present.

Everything up here is going fine, though I do miss you. I've taken up running, as a few others here do it, and I've been drawing enough that my pencil is rapidly shrinking! My friends saw some of my sketches, and think they're good - of course, they haven't seen the ones that went in the fire!

When you're keeping me in your prayers, ask for my Lady to send me the strength of mind to make decisions quickly. I'm asking Her to keep you all safe in Her arms until I can be with you again.

My love to you all,



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