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The Teasels (Mum, Dad and Jonn)
3 Mason Lane
Merchants Quarter
Carlin Howham

Dear Mum, Dad and Jonn,

This one's going to be a big letter! I'm sorry I haven't written until now, but nothing was happening and then everything happened at once.

First of all, that's good news about the compensation, even if it isn't as much as we hoped. Our Lady will show us how to spend it best - or Mum will budget us back into prosperity all by herself! I recommend not bothering rebuilding Jonn's room; he can sleep in the cowshed.

I've been on a few missions now, and I had command twice - but don't get your hopes up, they're giving us all a go and last time I went out someone else was in charge. Patrolling is hard - it brings you into contact with the worst people, and delivering Justice to them (or them to our Lady Justice) isn't easy. But this is part of being a soldier, and making the difficult decisions is part of being a leader. I've spent a lot of time in the chapel here, talking to my Lady, and I'm happy with the decisions I've made. It's good to know I'm doing good in Her world.

I've been further away from home than I ever have before - see if you can find Southbridge and Middlebridge on a map, they're up north from where I am now.

We got sent up there to deal with some dark druids - basically, they like sucking all the life out of nature, covering things in rot, harnessing the powers of death and attacking you with walking plantlife. They fought very hard, and - promise me you won't worry, cos I'm fine and writing to you! - I died.

Two other people died as well, Nicodemus and Thyrian. Our comrades brought us home and, by my Lady's grace, we were brought back to life. I am wondering if this is why She saved me back then - because dying now was okay, they resurrect patrollees just like that, regardless of cost. And I did it trying to help people. I can't really understand Her reasons, but I think this means She has plans for me. I hope I can serve Her well.

I woke up afterwards surrounded by my friends. There are some wonderful people here - there's always company in the mess or common room, and they are good, brave people.

Glamoria, my roommate, is one of the sweetest people you'll ever, ever meet. She follows our Lady in the form of a pony, and she believes in that ideal Justice you find in fairytales. She's always so hopeful and optimistic. I just wish she didn't face so much prejudice - some people call her awful things because she's a half-orc, which just proves that your skin doesn't matter because she's a better person than they are.

Thyrian, one of the others who died, is an elf who's been to loads of foreign lands. He knows so much about other places, and he's really good fun. He trains very hard every day, and used to have a Cathayan teacher. Thyrian decided to celebrate being alive again by inviting us all to join him for thirty laps around the keep at dawn - more fool me, I agreed! It was a bit of a struggle, but Glamoria and Thyrian - bless them - stayed with me and kept me going. He's promised to FRAN me to the seaside as a reward for finishing. I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like him: he's confident, even a bit cocky, but he's got a really good heart.

Eirlys is a Pathfinder, and she's fantastic. One of those people who just makes everything work, you know? She's an amazing scout, I really enjoy her company when we're off-duty, and get this: she's a princess! You'd never guess, she's so normal and sensible, but her father is the king of one of the elven tribes in the hills up north. Princesses up there herd sheep, get dirty and fight just like everyone else. I'm really glad to have her around.

Queensbury is a Gladiator - the guild that focuses on being the best and most independent warrior you can - and he's fascinating to talk to, because he knows so much about high society and city life. We often end up having a good gossip in the common room.

Kagan is a druid, whose tribe are linked to these bugs called mantises. He's quite quiet, but great when you get to know him a bit more.

Nicodemus is a weird one - he's a Humact, so it's his life's work to hunt down the undead, but he's a follower of Death himself. I've talked with him, trying to understand his faith, because he seems so sensible and smart and decent that I don't get how he can follow a god of such a dark power. Why would someone who's genuinely nice choose that Path? It worries me that we make the same moral calls on some things ... I can't help but doubt my understand of my Lady's will if a Death priest came to the same conclusion.

Lucius is a Paladin of the Order god Haynes. He's a half-orc too, and a carpenter, and we spend a lot of time talking in the chapel. He's very comforting when you feel troubled in your mind. He also calls everyone (well, the girls) Lady Whatever. I couldn't get him to call me Warden, and really it's rather nice to have someone be so courteous to you.

Alitae is an elf from by the sea. She's so beautiful and elegant - she's a Lady, an actual real one, and it's so obvious when you look at her. She's new, so I don't know her much yet, but I've done one patrol and that run with her and she seems lovely.

There are some other people, but those are the ones I know best. The few black spots in the IRS aren't worth talking about! I'm trying to draw everyone, but so far the only people I feel like I've captured are Eirlys and Glamoria, and maybe an elf called Percy but I'm not sure. The rest have just fueled the fire. Glamoria asked if she could stick my picture of her in her book, though, which was really flattering. Eirlys doesn't know I've drawn her.

So, overall - everything is going swimmingly. I'm doing good work and I feel like I'm on the path my Lady wants me to follow. I've got wonderful friends around me. The only thing I miss is you guys - so let me pack enough hugs in with this letter for all of you and Uncle Garrith's family.

With lots of love, and prayers for our Lady's blessing,

Aniseed xx

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