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Warden Aniseed T. Teasel
Instant Response Service, 49th Griffinwold Company
Wing Keep, Griffinwold
Barony Van Heusen

11th October 112 AE
Carlin Howham

Dearest Aniseed,

We're so glad to hear you got to the Griffinwold safely. I hope you have a comfortable room, and that they're feeding you well. Being so close to the Capital, there must be many interesting importants and recipes you'll get to experience! Make sure you tell me about anything that's particularly nice.

I'm sure Jonn's letter will tell you all about his new career aspiration - we do appreciate that the city gives opportunities he'd never have known existed in Langbaurgh. If that's what he wants, he can apprentice next year - if he goes back to his Defender ideas, he's still got to wait for seventeen.

We heard from Judge Overby again. We'll get a definitive answer about compensation by Yule, but he currently thinks we'll get about seventy groats for rebuilding the farm. Your mother has been budgeting, and thinks we could rebuild the kitchen and two bedrooms, plant two fields, and get some chickens. That's enough to live on. We'd need a hundred groats or more to properly rebuild the house, but Overby thinks that's unlikely. I think that we might, if we're lucky, get something liveable by the spring - if the builders aren't busy with everyone else!

Garrith and Anwë are doing well, and Jilly is enjoying having her room to herself again, but we do all miss you. I hope your work is fulfilling, and your faith is giving you comfort. We're so proud of our Warden Private! If you find yourself missing home, hug yourself and know we're thinking of you too. I'm sure you're making friends - don't forget to tell us all about them!

Best of luck, and all our love,

Dad x

Dear Aniseed,

Hope Wing Keep is nice. Maybe I won't be a Defender now - in town there is a jeweller who will be taking apprentices soon. It's a lot better than blacksmithing, it's really fiddly but you have to be lots better at it because it's got to look nice at the end. You also learn how to essay assay metals and gems. I know it's kind of girly sounding but really it's not.

What are patrols like? What kind of sword do you have? Who are you patrolling with?

Write back soon,



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